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Real Solutions That Help You Help Others.

Led by former provider executives, we understand the nuances of the I/DD business and the value of your mission better than other real estate providers.


We Know What It Takes To Help You.

Serving your populations requires unique real estate solutions. From commercial space to multi-use facilities to single resident homes built from durable materials, we ensure the space you need is the right fit for your care approach.


Why Scioto Properties

  • 20 Years Experience
  • Nationwide Footprint
  • Executives With Provider Backgrounds
  • Strongest Balance Sheet in the Industry
  • 1,700 Owned Properties

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Fast And Flexible Solutions Tailored To Your Needs.


How We Help Providers & Investors:

Find & Secure New Property


Find, acquire, build, lease new homes and facilities.

Close Mergers & Acquisitions


Real estate due diligence, financial solutions, and consulting.

Free Up Capital & Bad Leases


Flexible leases and sale/leaseback options to help your business.

Build Or Upgrade Homes


Dedicated project managers to support new builds and upgrades to existing facilities.

Free Up Employee’s Time


Free up your time, operating capital, and staff by offloading administrative duties to our team.

Stay Ahead of Compliance


Proactive guidance to stay in front of compliance and regulation changes.

Want to know more about our service offerings and specific capabilities?

Ideal Property Solutions That Support Your Approach To Care.


We know your property needs involve more than brick and mortar. You demand ideal environments where a combination of clinical and/or programmatic activities can be happen in safe settings.



We Help providers That specialize in


  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)
  • Residential Treatment Facilities (RTFs)
  • Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs)
  • Outpatient Treatment Clinics
  • Private Practitioner Service Locations
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
  • Telehealth Provider Service Locations


From property acquisition to lease solutions, we handle the real estate challenges behavioral health providers face with ease.

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Real Estate Solutions

Large Multifamily Complexes

Architectural Building

Apartment-Based Integrated Mental Health Facilities

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Residential Treatment Facilities

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Farm-Based Residential Treatment Programs

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Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centers

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Nursing Homes

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Large Single Family Homes

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Residential Psychiatric Centers

Industrial or Commercial Real Estate

We Go Beyond Normal To Deliver Impact For Our Clients.

“We wanted a reputable company that had enough strength to do property deals as we needed to liquidate some assets. It was about the Scioto reputation.”

“We needed capital as we were expanding rapidly and did not want to tie up money in real estate.”

“They seem to have a good concept. It got us out of home ownership and liability. It freed up cash and this worked for us.”

“They show a continued understanding of the population we serve and their ability to strategically work with us and it is always good.”

“Scioto organizes purchases and manages real estate, but as we grow, they are a new capital partner. They are open and flexible and that is the key thing.”

“Great company to work with, straightforward, transparent and they get the information you need up front.”

“They are very a professional organization. They are fluid and can handle a lot of aspects of this business including search research, acquisition, development and maintenance. Good service after sales.”

“They have always been very responsive. They try to basically correct things as soon as possible.”

“Scioto is a flexible housing partner. They put up cash and get us in, so we did not have to tie up our capital. They do accessibility changes and renovations.”

“They work with us as a business partner rather than a customer. They help us find solutions outside of the normal day-to-day. A lot of REITS and other types of investors look at it in a one-sided way. Scioto is more of a partner.”

“I have been in the industry a long time and they understand providers and have a lot of knowledge of leases and issues with those they serve. ADA Compliant is important.”

We Work Creatively To Solve Problems and Create Solutions.


See How We’ve Brought Positive Impact To Our Clients

George Stecz

George Stecz

Director of Business Development, Behavioral Health Sector

Let’s Talk About Your Needs.


Hi, I’m George. I’d love to talk about your needs and determine what solutions we may be able to offer. 


Real estate only scratches the surface of what we do. Whether you want to build a flagship facility that creates the new standard in the industry, acquire an existing property on the market, or restructure your current leases to free up capital—we are here to help.

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