Downsizing Of The Sonoma State Developmental Center In California

Sonoma State Developmental Center

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The Challenge


The closure of the Sonoma State Development Center required finding homes for some of the most medically challenged clients in the North Bay and East Bay areas of California. As the closure deadline approached, the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) needed to quickly find homes for these clients.


The Scioto Solution


Scioto proposed a turnkey solution to find a total of 13 homes for all of the remaining clients in the Sonoma SDC. The primary objectives included:


  • Quickly finding and acquiring adequate single-family residences within 6 months.
  • Provide financing for the acquired 13 homes.
  • Work with the California DDS, Providers and families on designing and developing the required renovations.
  • Provide project supervision during renovations of the homes.


The Result


Thirteen homes were purchased and fully renovated in the years 2018-19.

Scioto was able to provide:


  • Capital to purchase the homes.
  • ADA housing design and development expertise to modify the homes for the needs of the individuals who would be residing in the homes.
  • Collaboration with the California DDS, Providers and families to provide beautiful and functional community homes for clients to enjoy.

Sonoma DC was able to discharge the last remaining clients and close the facility.