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Buying a healthcare business? Need to free up capital that’s tied up in real estate? Our team understands your world better than anyone else in the industry. We deliver right-size real estate solutions so you can accomplish what matters most—executing a successful deal.


Impact During Evaluation, Strategy, Transaction, and Implementation.

How We Help Private Equity Partners & Corporate Buyers:

Conduct Preliminary Due Diligence

Preliminary valuations and risk/return analysis of the real estate assets to inform an existing deal or validate a prospective opportunity.

Define The Real Estate Portfolio Strategy

We work with legal and corporate teams to define how buyers should structure real estate transactions to align to their business goals and objectives.

Unlock Capital tied up in Real Estate

With deep purchasing power, we can execute sale/leasebacks instantly upon deal transaction to inject capital funds back into the business under favorable terms.

Execute Real Estate Transactions

With a strong balance sheet and extensive experience, we can successfully execute transactions ranging in size from $1m to $100mm+.

Construction Management

We can manage construction projects to increase the value of the real estate portfolio.

Investing in a healthcare business? Want to discuss the real estate strategy?

Achieve Better Outcomes From a Team With Proven Experience.


When investing in a specialized healthcare business, the real estate portfolio presents unique considerations.


To be successful, you need a transaction partner who understands the dynamics of provider’s businesses and real estate assets. An experienced team that leverages industry insights to help you appropriately evaluate the opportunity. A strong and stable business with deep financial resources that can deliver when it counts.


When you need experience, financial strength, and proven results – we’re the team you trust.


Why Scioto Properties?

  • 60+ Years’ Experience as a Service Provider
  • Fast, Easy Property Acquisition
  • Customizable Lease Terms
  • Rent & Landlord Stability
  • Real Estate Portfolio Flexibility
  • Personalized Attention
  • Unlimited Funding Partner



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Scioto Properties focuses on income-producing properties leased to healthcare providers

Property Type Residential Commercial
Occupancy Single-Tenant
Purchase Price $100K – $3MM $500K – $100MM
Lease Terms 5 to 7 years 10 to 20 years
Lease Rates Dependent on corporate credit and lease structure
Location All U.S. states
Industry I/DD, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, and Traumatic Brain Injury I/DD, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Day Centers and Traumatic Brain Injury
Tenants At least 3-years of positive operating history
Closing 30-45 days after purchase and sale agreement 45-60 days after purchase and sale agreement
Consideration Cash Buyer Cash Buyer



 We acquire single assets, portfolios, sale/leasebacks and turnkey construction projects.


We also have a construction arm that can do build-to-suit properties and renovations.

Specialization Matters In This Space.

The stakes are too high to trust a general real estate firm. Specialized healthcare businesses have unique issues within their real estate and businesses dynamics—issues that could be dealbreakers or game-changers for your investment. We’ve partnered with sponsors to evaluate, plan, and execute transactions across a variety of specialized industries.

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Quantifiable Impact That Changes What's Possible For Your Business.


Acquisition Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Portfolio Texas


Sale Leaseback Intermediate Care Facility Portfolio Southeast US


Sale Leaseback Residential Portfolio Northeast US


Sale Leaseback Residential Portfolio Pacific Northwest US


Sale Leaseback Residential Portfolio Midwest US


Sale Leaseback Commercial Portfolio Southeast US


Sale Leaseback Commercial


Sale Leaseback Residential Portfolio


Sale Leaseback Commercial


Sale Leaseback Residential Portfolio Midwest US

Architectural Building
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