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Flexible Solutions For Investment Success

Access to Potential

Leaseback, build-to-suit, real estate financing, term rates – all key decisions in any healthcare real estate opportunity. But every opportunity presents its own challenges. And its own potential.

That’s where the experience of Scioto Properties comes in. We help private equity firms unlock the potential in any real estate opportunity as our acquisition experts structure flexible purchase, management, or leasing contracts that result in a “certainty of execution“.

Our team understands disability real estate better than anyone else in the industry. We deliver right-size real estate solutions so you can accomplish what matters most – executing a successful deal.


The Difference is in the Details

Risk vs. Reward

That’s at the center of every opportunity a private equity firm considers. When the reward is strong, real estate shouldn’t get in the way.  That’s where we come in.

We approach each opportunity in a way that will empower private equity firms to focus decisions on the acquisition and management of a residential care or treatment center, while we handle the financing and lease of the real estate.


Our flexible, full-service real estate investment solutions provide private equity firms and brokers with lease certainty and flexibility, backed with a “Certainty of Execution.”

This is possible because we are not driven by cost, but by opportunity.


  • Customized Lease Solutions
  • Commercial/Residential Healthcare-focus
  • 20+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Informed Analysis
  • Purchase/Leaseback Opportunities
  • Flexible Leasing Options
  • Capital Property Repair Financing

One of the Largest Financial Partners of Health Care Real Estate Leasing

Leverage Our Experience

Ready to develop a true partnership that can make meaningful change in the healthcare space? Let us show you how we can help you achieve positive business outcomes.

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