We are the leader in disability housing in the United States, with 1,000 homes in 37 states, serving over 3,500 individuals with developmental disabilities.

Scioto finds and purchases properties that are safe, convenient and affordable homes for people with developmental disabilities. We work with provider organizations, state agencies, families, and individuals to ensure the homes we purchase are specific to the needs of the people who will be living there.

Many people, especially those who are in the market for disability housing for the first time, are unaware of national and community resources that exist to assist with community-based housing. Because the Scioto team has a great deal of national experience and affiliations with housing and the disability industry, we can provide additional resource information that may be of assistance.

By exercising their own home choice, people with developmental disabilities are becoming a more fully functioning part of their community. This is an important step to encouraging self-determination; in fact, it is Scioto’s philosophy.

Together we can and will invest in community-based housing for people with developmental disabilities; enable our providers and partners to find quality homes, regardless of the geographic location; and prosper by helping people with disabilities to enjoy a vibrant, affordable living option.

Our website is intended to be a useful tool to help you further define your community-based housing needs and to provide resources that will help people with disabilities find homes.


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